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Charlene Fairchild - Webminister

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Their Blood Cries Out: The Untold Story of Persecution Against Christians in the Modern World.
A Saving Place...A SAFE Place!?!: A devotional from my friend Peggie Bohanon of Peggie's Place.

Donate For Free
The Hunger Site: The original donation site.
Protect The World's Rainforests
Donate A Bible: To persecuted Christians.
Peace For All: Provides a button to make a free donation to refugee relief and peace promotion through the US Association for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Humanitarian Aid
International Federation of Red Cross - Red Crescent

Human Rights
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
Amnesty International's More Human Rights on the Internet
Amnesty UK
Amnesty Canada
Hidden Scandal, Secret Shame: "Torture and ill-treatment of children."
Jubilee Campaign: "Human rights pressure group, lobbying to protect children's rights and the persecuted church."
Jubilee News & Alphabetical Links

The Carter Center: 'A fundamental commitment to human rights, wages peace by bringing warring parties to the negotiating table, monitoring elections, safeguarding human rights, and building strong democracies through economic development.'
Justice from a Global Perspective: 'Web site is devoted to grappling with the inequity found around the globe.'

On Refugees
Norwegian Refugee Council: Houses the Internally Displaced Persons - the Global IDP Project.
Centre For Refugee Studies: York University - Refugee studies is conceived in broad terms, as being concerned with the displacement of populations and individuals across and within borders, for reasons of persecution, expulsion, violence, violation of fundamental human rights, and loss of essential human security and livelihood.
Internet Resources on Refugees, Migration, and Human Rights: York University.
The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations: 'A European research centre with a strong interest in comparative research in the fields of international migration and ethnic relations .... largely, but not exclusively, centered on the Europe.'

Organizations Campaigning
Jubilee Campaign: Campaigning on religious liberty issues and children's rights world-wide.
Jubilee Campaign US: A Vital Voice For Those Suffering in Silence.
Real Freedom: James Mawdsley, campaigner, imprisoned in Burma - His website set up beforehand 'devoted to the Campaign for Freedom, Democracy and Education in Burma.'

Other Resources
Special Issues
State Of The World: Political Science collection.
Fides International Service
Beyond Persecution.Net
Preparing For Persecution

Voice of The Martyrs
Forced Migration Project
Minorities At Risk Project
Persecution In The Maluccas, Indonesia
PetersVoice - Persecution of Catholics
Christian Freedom International: Takes action to aid persecuted Christians through advocacy and direct aid.
The Voice of The Martyrs Canadian Website: Resource catalogue, "how-to" sheets, special projects, prayer, newsletters.
Center for Religious Freedom

The Persecuted Church
Open Doors International and its European Mirror Site and its Open Doors USA
The Persecuted Church: From Christus Rex.
Chad's Persecuted Church Page
International Christian Concern: "Christian Persecution - Human Rights - Religious Liberty - Prayer for the Persecuted Church - Religious Intolerance. Raising awareness on the human rights issue of religious freedom and the persecution of people of faith around the world."
Links To Information

Solidarity With The Persecuted
IDOP: International Day Of Prayer
The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Year 2000 resources and much more.
Day Of Prayer
Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Call from the World Evangelical Fellowship.
NAE Calls for Churches to Support Days of Prayer for Persecuted Church
International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Has some advocacy info and addresses at the Caleb Project
Persecution of Christians and the International Day Of Prayer For The Persecuted Church
Free the Fathers: Helping Chinese Catholics imprisoned for their loyalty to Rome and fidelity to Christ.
ASSIST: Aid to Special Saints In Strategic Times.
Open Doors International: Serving the suffering church.
Brother's Keeper: Interceding for the persecuted church.
The Bible Site: Donate bibles to persecuted Christians

Faith & Spirituality -- Religion -- Scholarly Resources -- Judaism
Women of the Church -- Stewardship -- All Things Liturgical
Other Religions -- Persecution & The Church -- Stats & Sociology -- Fundraising

Persecution & The Church
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