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Liturgical Year

Advent Christmas Epiphany
A Holy Christmas: Part I
A Holy Christmas: Part II
Christmas and Advent Bible Study
Christmas Eve Service
Advent Candle Lighting Liturgy
A Blue Christmas Service
'Twas the Beginning of Advent

Between Epiphany and Lent

Lent and Easter
A Holy Easter
A Holy Easter: Part I
A Holy Easter: Part II
Ash Wednesday Service
Good Friday: The Way of the Cross

Between Easter and Pentecost


Between Pentecost & Advent

Saints & The Sanctoral Cycle
Saints & Commemorations

Pentecost Sermon May 26, 1996: Christ the King Lutheran.
Holy Trinity Sermon June 2, 1996
Saint Michael & All Angels
Reformation Sermon Oct 27, 1996
Transfiguration Sermon Feb 18, 1996

Catholic Liturgical Calendar
The Catholic Calendar Definition Page
Christian Biographies Commemoration Calendar
When Will It Be Read?: Episcopal Lectionary.

The Daily Lectionary
Lectionary Texts For Reference and Reflection

The Christian Year & Families
Family Liturgy & Religious Practices
Feast Day Cookbook


Liturgy: Aspects
Digital Liturgy: Catholic.
Bell Ringing Rubrics (Orthodox)
Coptic Liturgy of St. Basil
Liturgy from St. Mark's Coptic Orthodox
St. Basil Reference Book
Liturgy: Stowe Missal
The Divine Liturgy (Orthodox)
The Coptic Orthodox Book of Hours: The Agpeya
Liturgical Colours
Sacraments: Archbisop Fulton Sheen.
The Sacramentals
Cantus Homepage

Liturgy: General
Litirgical Studies Sites
Liturgy: Mailing List Discussion
Modern Liturgy Magazine
Liturgical Studies and Liturgical Music
Liturgical Studies Sites
Liturgy Canada: Magazine.
Worship Links

Liturgy: Millenial Celebrations
Christianity For the Third Millenia: Catholic resource.

Liturgy: Prayers & Offices
Daily Office (BCP)
Liturgy of the Hours

Liturgy: Vestments
Liturgical Vestments

Liturgy: Weddings
Ceremony Music Resource Page

Liturgical (Religious) Art
Christus Rex
Religion and the Arts Website
Novgorod Icon Gallery
Scripture Graphics

Liturgical Artists
David J. Hetland: Liturgical Artist: Superb.
Sacred Art of Enrique de la Vega

Liturgical Arts: Drama
European Medieval Drama: Recommended Links

Liturgical Arts: Sacred Dance
The Sacred Dance Guild

Liturgical Arts: Stained Glass
The Gropper Windows: Genesis in Glass


Hymns: Individual & Collections
Negro Spirituals
Gregorian Chant
Anglican Online Hymnal: Lyrics
Saint Ephrem's Hymns On Fasting
Spiritual Songs

The Cyber Hymnal
Collection of Hymns (1876) For Methodists
HymnNut Home Page
The Online Baptist Hymnal
Hymnsite.Com: Multiple hymnals.

Hymn: MIDI Music
Leo's Worship Music
The Silvis Woodshed
Israel Gimel MIDI Library: Jewish music.
Reflections: Christian Music MIDI Resources
The Lutheran Hymnal MIDI Project

Hymns: Music Resources
Joyful Noise: Catholic.
Spiritual Songs: Excellent worship resources page.
BSM at UTSA Music Ministry
Christian Copyright Licensing International
Early Music List
Josh's Royal Organist Page
MusicLink Library Guides: Sacred Music
The Compositions of Timothy Cooper
Other church Anthems
Other Composers and Resources
Singing The Faith Worship Programs
TleM Christian Music Resources
Celtic Christian Music
The CatholicMobile Music Page
The Internet Renaissance Band
Reflection Christian Music Resources
The History of Reflection
The Christian Music Place

Faith & Spirituality -- Religion -- Scholarly Resources -- Judaism
Women of the Church -- Stewardship -- All Things Liturgical
Other Religions -- Persecution & The Church -- Stats & Sociology -- Fundraising

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