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Memorials For Police, Fire and & EMS Personnel

Grief and Loss Resources for police and emergency personnel.

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Federal-Level Agencies
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
Drug Enforcement Administration
New Scotland Yard Youth Page
NSA: National Security Agency
Criminal Intelligence Service Ontario
The Unofficial C.S.I.S. Information Page: CSIS is Canada's spy agency.
Security Intelligence Review Committee: CSIS federal watchdog agency.
Canadian Police College
Policia Federal Argentina: In Spanish.
Australia Police Agency Official Home Page
OPPA Homepage: Homepage for the Ontario Provincial Police Association.
National Association of Black Law Enforcement Executives (US)
Utica, NY Police Benevolent Association
National Association of Breath Alcohol Technicians
International Police Association (Alberta Chapter)
International Police Association Region 2 (Peel Chapter)
Airborne Law Enforcement Officers Association
APCO: Association of Public Safety Communications Officials (International)
Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators
Ontario Association of Police Educators
International Association of Identification BBS
Canadian Association of Police Boards
The American Federation of Railroad Police
Fraternal Order of Police: Associates 530
International Homicide Investigators Homepage
RCMP Centennial Museum
RCMP Scarlet & Gold Gift Shop
"B" Division (Newfoundland) Commercial Crime Section
RCMP-CCAPS: Community, Contract & Aboriginal Police Service Directorate Website
Burnaby Detachment
Campbell River Detachment
Courtenay Detachment
Dawson Creek Detachment
Gold River Detachment
Grande Prairie Detachment
Grand Falls-Windsor, Nfld
Hamilton Detachment
Lethbridge Detachment
Nanaimo Detachment
North Vancouver Detachment
Olds Detachment
Parksville-Qualicum Detachment
Prince Rupert Detachment
Shawinigan Lake Detachment
Steinbach Detachment
Ucluelet Detachment
Vulcan Detachment
Law of the Yukon
The Ontario Provincial Police: OPP
Brantford Detachment
Haileybury Detachment
Cities & Regional Departments
Calgary Police Service
Guelph Police Service
The Halifax Regional Police Department: Acknowledged as one of the finest police department sites on the Net. Attractively designed and maintained.
Halton Regional Police Service
Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police Service
Lethbridge Police Service
Metropolitan Toronto Police Services Page
Midland Police Service
Niagara Regional Police
Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police
Peel Regional Police
Sussex Police Force
Winnipeg Police Service
Vancouver Police Department
Surete du Quebec
Surete du Quebec
Campus Police
Scarborough Campus Police: University of Toronto.
Canine Units
Lethbridge "S" Division (RCMP) Police Dog Service
Lethbridge Police Services Canine Unit: City of Lethbridge.
Vancouver PD's Dog Squad
The Police Dog Home Page
Departments: American
The Unofficial Miami Police Department Home Page: This is a great site!
Santa Clara Police Department's Home Page
US Border Patrol
US Border Patrol Air Ops
Ithaca Police Department
Burlington Police Department: Burlington, MA.
Windsor Police Website: Colorado. Home of the Blue Knight Award.
Santa Monica Police Department
Departments: International
UK Police
Police in Germany
VNDPT: Policijas Departments (lv) Latvia
Daniel's Police: Municipale de Rognac, France
South African Police Services Unofficial WWW Site: By Gabriel G. Smit.
Canadian Cop Homepages
Cst. Rob Etter's Page: A policeman from Thunder Bay.
Tom Gowdyk's Police Department Poetry and Stories: A Vancouver policeman with some really wonderful police poems and stories. Has a Memorial page for Canadian Police Officers as well.
Michael McGinn's Homepage: Michael is with the Timmins, Ontario P.D. and was an instructor at the Ontario Police College.
Sylvain's Page: A Military Police Officer in Chilliwack, BC
Bert Brown's Home Page: An OPP officer.
Cops On The Net: Homepage of Mack Pettigrew of the Stratford, ON police.
Roland Haley's Home Page: Retired OPP Officer.
Parent Family Home Page: An OPP Officer with good site.
Pierre Boule's Home Page: Pierre is an officer with the Surete du Quebec, the Quebec Provincial Police.
Halsey's Police
Rick's Homepage
Tunney's Home Page
Tom Gabriel's Police Web Page: Tom is with the Metro Toronto PD.
Jeff Cove's Home Page: Jeff is with the Lethbridge PD.
Burn Gill's Homepage: Former Newfoundland Ranger (pre-Confederation and the RCMP).
Other Cop Homepages
Bryan Reid's Home Page: Host of the Public Safety Center on AOL.
Police Dog Home Pages
CyberCop Home Page
Complete Directory of Law Officers' Homepages
Question A Cop Home Page: Ron Tracey: Retired Tioga County Sheriff's Department.
Davis Home Page: Custom badges, bronzes, insignias for police and government.
Pride, Integrity and Guts

Anti-Police Sites
CopsWatch Homepage: The Anti Sites
The Notary Yesterday Today and Tomorrow: Address to a symposium. History.
20 Ways To Encourage Your Kids To Use Drugs
Clede's Collection: Articles of Police Interest: Excellent.
CyerForce: Gang Slang
Drugs on the Street Terms: Comprehensive list.
Motor Vehicle Crimes
John Sopinka's Net Law Speeches: From T. M. Denton Law Offices.
John Edwards Memorial Lecture: "Criminals and the New Liberalism"
K-9 Resource Center: Theory of Scent
Parents' Guide to Preventing Abduction a valuable article from the Illinois State Police.
Bulletins & Message Boards
The Police and the Internet
Intergovernmental Virtual Conference Centre
Community Relations
Marion County Sheriff's Department's Citizens Academy Curriculum: A must see. Great idea!
Community Policing Consortium
CPINet: Community Policing
Community Policing: London Model
TFIC: Investigation Utilities
Computer-Based Police Training
Mobile Work Station
National center For Rural Law Enforcement: University of Arkansas.
Police and Government Security Technology
Sudden In Custody Death Syndrome
Crime Scene Investigation
Cult Information Center
Practical Homicide Investigation & Techniques: Info about a book for sale from CRC Press.
Guideslines For Search & Seizure of Computers
The Police and the Internet
Intoximeters Inc.: Drink Wheel: Simple way to calculate your blood alcohol level.
False Rape, Abuse and Molest Reports: Index
Inventory Trackers
Witch Hunt Information Center
Microsoft's Justice Page
Edmonton's Crime Spots Project: In conjunction with the University of Alberta and using social/urban geography and sociology to study crime.
Metro Nashville Police: Virtual Reality: A taste of things to come.
About Survival Languages For Public Safety Officers
NIO: Tips Missing Persons Investigation
Explosives Unit: Bomb Data Center FBI
Missing Link: International Missing Persons Database: Uk site.
The Evidence Site
WWW Confidential Informant
Brazil-Canada Police Training Project
Street Teams Web Site: Rescuing teenage girls.
Federal Law Enforcement Careers Employment Guide
Did You Know?: Koch Crime Commission.
Home Security Website
Information Available on the Net
FAQ Locksmithing
Lockpicking For Beginners
Lockpicking For You
Lockpicking Page
Matt's Amateur Pyro Page
Magazines & Newsletters
On Patrol: Magazine
The Police Law Review: Magazine.
Beat Press
Law Enforcement Product News
AJAX: US & International Government Police Resources
Law Enforcement and Personal Safety
Law Enforcement and Public Safety
Wiley's WWW Law Enforcement
West Arm Consulting Services: Law Enforcement
Innovative Consultants For LEOs
Shift Calendar Generator
Codex Surveillance and Privacy Page
Electronic Countermeasures, Inc.
PGPfone Home Page
CopQuest: Law Enforcement Resource Page
Police Guide
Avoidance Plus: Law Enforcement Training
R. Nicholls Distributors
(Most) Wanted Lists
FBI's Most Wanted List
The World's Most Wanted

Chaplaincy: Police
Police Chaplaincy: Fruitful Ministry
International Conference of Police Chaplains
Officer Alive! Chaplaincy Serves
Kings Co., Washington Police Chaplains Homepage
Police Graphics Library: Bollings.
Military Police History
Humour & Poetry
Do Cops Really Like Donuts?
You're Under Arrest
What Are Cops Made Of?
Tom Gowdyk's Police Department Poetry and Stories: A must-see!
COPNet and Police Resource List
Links from the Canadian Police College
Links to Other Police Sites (UK)
Polnet (UK)
Bolling's Police Pages
LE Sites on the Web Part 1
LE Sites on the Web Part 2
LE Sites on the Web Part 3
LE Sites on the Web Part 4
The Police Officer's Internet Directory
The Police Pages
Harv's Main LEO Index List: Canadian.
COPS Website
Cops Online
The Police Officers Internet Directory
The Public Safety Page
The HIT Law Enforcement Links
Lounge & Break
Break Room For Public Safety Personnel
Movies & TV Shows
Cagney & Lacey
Due South
Have Gun, Will Travel
Hawaii Five-O
Hill Street Blues
Homicide Life On The Streets
Homicde: Second Shift
In The Heat Of The Night
Law & Order
Law & Order Episode Guide
Law & Order
Law & Order: Justice
New York Undercover
Miami Vice
The Professionals: UK TV series.
The Streets Of San Francisco
Mysteries & Unsolved Crimes
The Black Dahlia Web
Casebook: Jack The Ripper
Unsolved Mysteries: TV show.
Resources: Spiritual & Family
Partners Off-Duty Police Links
Spouses of Police Officers
Cop and Cross Newspaper for Police Officers
Fr. Bob Haux (Episcopal): Retired police detective, now an Episcopal priest, who was injured on duty and could no longer work as a police officer. Available to ALL cops for pastoral counselling or ANY other need.
International Footprinters Home Page: LE support group.
Rock 'n Shield Ministries: By cops, for cops.
Peace Officers For Christ
Security Police Prayers
Strathclyde Christian Police association
Christian Police Organizations WorldWide: From Strathclyde Association.
Special Police Projects
Cops For Cancer: Lethbridge RCMP.
Police Shaker '96: For STARS program. From Lethbridge RCMP.


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