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Charlene Fairchild - Webminister

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Virtual Angel Gallery
Angel Art Gallery: Christian fine art.

A Religion of Leftovers
Keith Drury's Tuesday Column: Excellent collection of published articles.
From Shamrocks to Stardust: A New Analogy for the Trinity: An article by Martin Wallace in "Compass: A Review of Topical Theology" August 1993.
Millenial Madness: Ron Rhodes.

Being The Church: Loving Each Other
How To Get Along With People
Do You Have A Critical Spirit?
Complaining Only Makes Things Worse
How To Avoid Hurts and Offences In The Church
How To Deal With Trespasses In The body Of Christ
Before You Quit Your Church
Parish Conflict

Christian Women
Today's Christian Woman Home Page
The Women of Faith Networker Newsletter
Women of the Church

Christian Men
The Men's Show: From the Knowledge Network and broadcast on Canada's Vision TV. Excellent.
Mainline Christian Men's Movements Literature Bibliography: By a theologue at Vancouver School of Theology.
Promise Keepers
Men of Integrity
Knights of Columbus - The Official Web Site

Devotions: Personal
Devotionals From The Well: From Peggie Bohanon. Weekly.
Daily Bible Verse: Barbara Lehman.
Beth-Nimrah: From Charlene Fairchild. Weekly (roughly).

Devotionals: General
Web Devotionals Day: Index of daily, weekly, and audio devotionals.
Daily Wisdom
Devotional Nexus
Promises: A Daily Guide To Supernatural Living
The Daily Lectionary
LightSource Online
The Upper Room
Grace Before Meals
Call To Prayer: International Bible Society project.
Forward Movement Publications: Anglican.
My Utmost For His Highest: Official site.
Daily Gospel Reflection
Aspects: Devotional magazine.
Words of Hope
Devotional Material From George Herbert: "The Church Porch"; The LenTree; Christmas poems from Herbert & others; more.

The Next Church
Virtual Church
David Sisler's Not For Sunday Only Home Page

Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit and You: Contains the to-be-published book of R. Longman on the Holy Spirit. Excellent.
Spiritual Gifts
Catholic Charismatic Center
Natural Highs

Hymns: Please note that this section has moved to All Things Liturgical

Issues & Concerns
Ontario Centre for Religious Tolerance: Promotes tolerance, empathy, community of respect. Provides info and links.
Toronto Blessing: Examines the phenomena. The Toronto Blessing Discovery Page ( Are you researching the Toronto phenomenon? This site has all the relevant pro and con links. Old url. New one not yet found.
Preaching the Just Word: Addresses the Gospel in terms of justice.
Outreach Canada: Christians concerned with the plight of their sisters and brothers.
HateWatch Inc
Twisted Scriptures: Excellent resource. A must see. Dysfunctional religion.
The Hunger Project Home Page
The Hunger Web
Project Ploughshares: Canada's Ecumenical Peace Group
Interfaith Working Group
Church and Rural Social Science Information Exchange
Faith and Justice
Social Justice Websites
Cardoner Ripples of Justice: Jesuit social justice. Australia.
Disaster Relief
Journey of Fear and Joy Into Orthodoxy
The Gospel and Our Culture Network
International HOMELESS Discussion List and Archives HOME PAGE
Computerized AIDS Ministries
Bread For The World
Left-Wing Films: Films of a social justice nature.
The Church's Peace Vocation: From the Presbyterian Church in Ireland.
Bridging Home Page: Important non-profit community resource - a good idea.
Jewish-Christian Relations
Hate On The Net: The dark side of the Net.
Combatting The Dark Side of the Net: Series of anti-racist sites on the Net.
Disability And Resource Links: The Family Networks.
disABILITY Information and Resources
Legal & Advocacy Resources: From disABILITY Information.
International Network For Interfaith Health Practice: From the Carter Foundation.

Journals & Journalling: Spiritual Journalling
How To Develope A Spiritual Journal
The Joys of Journalling
The Journal Writer
Web Journalling: A Web journal provides a multimedia audit trail of your reflective process throughout a course or seminar series. It is a journal composed inside an HTML editor.
Prayer Journalling: A Way to Pray
Challengers' Journals: Web-journals from people who are or were struggling with illnesses, disability, or something else that made their life a special battle.

Liturgy: Please note that this section has moved to All Things Liturgical

How To Have A Happy Marriage
Marriage Builders
RETROUVAILLE: A Lifeline For Married Couples
Marriage Encounter Links
Episcopal Marriage Encounter
Marriage Encounter UMC
World of Romance & 1001 Ways To Be Romantic
Kearl's Guide to the Sociology of the Family: Marriage and family resources.
Marriage Builders

People: Saints & Sinners
Julian of Norwich
Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton
Will The Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up?
Diana Seago, OSB
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Changing Worlds: The Meaning and End of Mircea Eliade: Essays from both critics and supporters which focus on Eliade's contribution to and influence on the field of the study of religion.
Cotton Mather Home Page: Congregationalist.
Christian Biographies: Commemoration calendar.
Bonhoeffer's Cell
Melanchthon Year 1997 in Germany: Luther's friend.
Women Saints & Mystics In The Western Christian Tradition
Canticle of Brother Sun (St. Francis)
Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Synexarium: Book of Saints (Coptic)
The Beguines: Woman's Order in 12th Century
Gerard Manley Hopkins: Jesuit poet.

Virtual Jerusalem: Go to the Holy City.
The Christian Catacombs of Rome: Want to see a glimpse of early Christianity? Look here. Site includes: history, symbols, description and maps. Pictures of actual catacomb drawings are shown.
Westminster Abbey
Amiens Cathedral Website
A Home for Christians
Ascension Priory
Prinknash Abbey, Gloucestershire, UK
Abbey of Gethsemane: Thomas Merton's Abbey.
Heart of Mary Priory
The Ecumenical Community of Taize in France
Monastery of Christ in the Desert
Lutherstadt Wittenberg: Luther's hometown.

Anglican Fellowship Of Prayer
The Nine Ways of Prayer: From the Dominicans the prayer discourse of St. Dominic.
How to Spend an Hour in Prayer
Praying The Scriptures
How You Can Pray With Confidence
Prayers: A Catholic collection.
Grace Before Meals
Daily Office (BCP)
Liturgy of the Hours
Judeo-Christian Meditation
Awakening To Prayer: Online book.
Catholic Online Prayers Menu Page
Firewatch: Contemplation.
Research on the Contemplative Life
Taize: Johannine Hours
Lectionary Texts For Reference and Reflection
Orthodox Prayers
Rural Life Prayer Book
Sign of the Cross: Explanation.
Seven Basic Steps To Successful Fasting and Prayer
The WCC Ecumenical Prayer Cycle

Holy Cross (Anglican) Monastery: Interested in retreats? Check this out.
The Respite: Interfaith directory of retreat centres across North America.
Enlightenment Retreats On The Internet

Spiritual Resources
Religious Resources on the Net
Lift Up Your Hearts Part 5 : This is an excellent resource on Christian Spirituality Links.
Order of Saint Benedict: Liturgical Resources
ALA PADRE'S Catholic Resources
Spiritual Formation Home Page
The Spiritual Pilgrim
Cursillo FAQ
The Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain
Spiritual Authority Home Page
The Place of Praise in Recovery
Franciscan Web Page
Contemplative Outreach, Ltd
The Spiritual Pilgrim: Book online by Miles Hodges.
The Variety of Religious Experience: By W. James.
Coptic Lectionary & Devotional Life]
Labyrinth As Meditation Tool
Spirituality and Health: Magazine.
The Life and Faith Network

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Faith & Spirituality -- Religion -- Scholarly Resources -- Judaism
Women of the Church -- Stewardship -- All Things Liturgical
Other Religions -- Persecution & The Church -- Stats & Sociology -- Fundraising

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