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Apologetics Index: Apologetics Research Resources on Religious Cults, Sects, Movements, Doctrines, Etc.


Booksellers: Books & Supplies See also "Religious Publishers" below.
Christian Book Distributors
Children's Books
The Bible on Tape: Audio tapes featuring the classic voice of James Earl Jones.
International Bible Society: Scriptures & Catalogue
The Prodigal Son Bookstore

Books: Reading Lists
Free Reading For Lutheran Leaders
Guide To Christian Literature On The Net

Adventures From The Book Of Virtues
Christian School Resources Net
The Joint Board of Christian Education: Uniting Church of Australia.
Sunday School Church Growth Page
Coloring Book of the Earth
Wisdom From the Word
The Sunday School Board

Church Homepages To Note
All Saints Anglican: Burnaby, BC. Excellent page.
Ashton United Methodist Church
St. Peter's Church, Nottingham, England: Welcoming Anglican page. Articles and resources.
Hatfield Christian Church: South Africa.
Teddington Baptist Church: London, UK.
Artesia Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church
Fairview Alliance Church
North Jacksonville Baptist Church
Prescott UMC
St. Paul's Presbyterian Church: Greensboro, NC.

Church Information
Church Sound System Learning Center
Five Ways Your Parish Can Become A Safe Place

Church Search & Directories
Church Online
ChurchSurf Church Directory

Church Supplies
VT Church Supply House
Buckeye Church Supplies
Catholic Supply: Online Catalogue
Holoviak's Church Supply, Inc

Computer Use
Connection Computer Newsletter: Diocese of Ripon, UK.

AFF Homepage: Information about cults and psychological manipulation.
Anti-Cult, Counter-Cult, Analytical Links
Irving Hexham's Sources: Study of Cults, Sects & New Religions
New Religious Movements Profile

Denominations: Anglican
Anglicans Online
Episcopal Church Home Page
Anglican Communion Worldwide
Diocese of Ripon, UK
Charismatic Episcopal Church
International Communion of the Charismatic Episcopal Church
The Union of Black Episcopalians
Missionary Diocese of Georgia: Charismatic Episcopal

Denominations: Catholic (Roman & Orthodox) Sites
The Greek Orthodox Church Canada Online
The Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople
Syrian Orthodox
RC Diocese of Hamilton, ON: Bishop Anthony Tonos.
Greek Orthodox Church of Lancaster, PN: Small collection of nice icons.
Diecedja Gliwicka: Diocese in Poland.
Diocese of Limerick: Ireland.
The Coptic Language: Coptic Orthodox.
The Orthodox Christian Page in America
The Celtic Catholic Church in Ireland
Encyclopedia Coptica
Sources and Quotes For Orthodox Christianity
The Holy Angels: Readings in Orthodox Christianity.
The Orthodox Catholic Church of America
Russian Orthodox Church
The Holy See
The Roman Catholic Diocese of London, ON: Bishop John Sherlock.

Denominations: Protestant
Assemblies of God
Mennonites in Canada
Presbyterian Church (USA) Index
The PCC Web Canada
The Salvation Army International Headquarters
The Amish And The Plain People
The Amish in Northern Indiana
Baptist One Index
Baptist Convention of Ontario & Quebec
Anthony's Historic Baptist Webpage
Congregational Christian Churches of Canada
Friends: Quaker Links Index
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Lutheran VIA De CRISTO of Minnesota
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada
The United Methodist Church
United Methodist Information Page
MN United Methodist
Methodist Archives and Research Center
The Free Methodist Church in Canada
1992 Book of Discipline UMC
The African Methodist Episcopal Home Page
Prison Congregations of America
The United Church of Christ Home Page

Denominations: Sects and Other Groups
Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower Society Official Site
Seventh Day Adventist Net
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Unitarian Universalist Association


Passion '97

French Language Resources
Conseil Oecumenique des Eglises (WCC)
La Bible de Jerusalem (index)
Renouveau Charismatique Catholique au Canada

Church Humor: Methodist site.
Religious Humour List Index
Cartoons and Illustrations For Christian Publications

Individual's Christian Home Pages
John Boor's Home Page: A licensed Methodist Speaker.
Basil's Orthodox Home page
Gary's Web Page
Jerry's Christian Links
Crysalis' Home Page
Our World: Tom Lanier.
David E. Cobb Homepage: Education, academics and bioethics.
Ed's Homepage
John's CyberHome: John Carnett.
Rdr. David's Conversion To Orthodoxy Homepage
The Zoo Page
Rene's Homepage

Magazines, Books & Papers
US Catholic: A newspaper for laypeople. Thought-provoking.
Heartlight Magazine
Visions of Glory Magazine
Leadership Journal
Internet For Christians Newsletter
CC Mag Online
Evangelhomepage Magazine
ARIL: Cross Currents Online
HyperLinks: Anglican magazine.
Journey Magazine: Uniting Church in Australia.
Charismatic: Catholic.
Christ Life: Catholic.
Spirituality For Today
Crisis Magazine: Catholic.
What People Ask About The Church: Online book.
A Handbook of Basic Doctrines: Pentecostal.
The Living Pulpit Journal: Ecumenical.
The Lutheran Magazine
The Virtual Communication Thing
Sojourners Online
Visions of Glory
Ethos: Christians In The Workplace
Terry Mattingly's On Religion Column
Pentecostal Evangel

Minister, Priests & Religious Homepages
Andrew Greeley's Web Page
In Touch Home Page: Charles Stanley.
Rev. Steve's Notebook
Brother Richard's Home Page
Elizabeth T. Knuth's Homepage: Liturgical focus.
Fr. Rick Losch's Homepage
Seapadre's Home Page: Fr. Phil Bloom.
The Grace Place: Pastor Lou Bartet.
Dennis' HomePage: Anglican, Australia.
Frank & Mary Kay Sapp: Presbyterian missionaries.
Pastor Guy's Home Page: Lutheran, Brazil.

Minister's Spouse Homepages
Welcome To My World: Anne McIntyre.
Beth-Nimrah: Charlene Fairchild's personal page of reflections and studies.
The Pastor's Wife

Ministers & Pastors Resources
Parish Conflict
Re-Focussing to Re-Empower Your Ministry
A Pastor's How-To Page
Revival Home Page
The Small Group Network
The Bethany Project: Revitalization.

Check this out. The fields are ripe. Where are the labourers for God's vineyards?
Moms In Touch International
Transport For Christ: Major ministry to truckers.
The Road Home NT for Truckers: International Bible Society.
Alaska Christian Ministry to Seafarers
Campus Crusade For Christ
The Navigators
Prison Fellowship Ministries
Habitat For Humanity: Bay & Valley
Craftsmen For Christ Home Page: 1997 Flood Relief
JAF Ministries: Joni Eareckson Tada: Disbilities resources.
Seed of Abraham Inc.: Christian Motorcycle Club.
Order of St Luke: Healing ministry.
Audio Scripture Ministries
New Life Prison Ministry
New Life Prison Ministry Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Reporter Interactive: Christian News & Resources
Religion News Service
Religion News Service
Gabriel Media Studies Center (Religious)
Discussion Groups: Mailing Lists
A Continuing Survey of Religion and Public Life
Religious Make-up of Canada
Around The World News: DAWN Friday Faxes.
Assemblies of God News & Information Services
Worldwide Faith News
Ecumenical News International Highlights
Korea Web Weekly

Odds & Ends
Dew From Mount Hermon
How To Talk New Age: Guide to New Age.
E-Mail Directory for Christians
Trade Winds Tea & Coffee; Australia.
IdeaList: Volunteers
The Vestment Exchange
Mount Ulla Rag: Rural America
Greatsite: Rare bibles and other items.

World Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Churches
Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Association of InterChurch Families
Overseas Mission Fellowship
The International Christian Chamber of Commerce
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship USA

Pastoral Counselling
CAPPE-ACPEP: Canadian Association For Pastoral Practice & Education

Radio & TV & Movies
Trinity Broadcasting Network
EWTN: Global Catholic Network
ARIL: Movies: Reviews, theological reflections.

References & Resources: LINKS
The Omnilist of Christian Links
Religious Resources on the Net
All-In-One Christian Index
Christianity Net
The Christian Life Menu Page
1996 Christian Resource Index
Christian Cyberspace Index
Pastor's Pointers - Other Links: An omni-index of religious links by Gary Ritner of the United Methodist Church, Minnesota Conference.
Christian Resources on the Internet
Christian Crafts
Field Guide Sources: Religion: Emory U.
Religion Resources
The Almost Definitive Contemporary Christian
The Virtual Community
Best of The Christian Web
The Religious Archive (Lysator)
Religion Network
Episcopal Resource
Resources for American Christianity

References & Resources: Catholic
Catholic Resources on the Net
CICI CatholicNet
CIN: Catholic Information Network
Catholic Files
1996 Catholic Internet Directory
Catholic Home Study
Catholic On-Line WWW Directory
New Advent Catholic
Chatechism of the Catholic Church
Good News Ministries: Lay Catholic.
The Catholic Mobile
Orthodox Resources
Catholic Home Study
Franciscan Cyberspot
Spirit 7: Self-described as "centrist Catholic."

Reference & Resources: Celtic Christianity
House of Breathings
Carmina Clar-innse
Celtic Christianity
The Clover Clearinghouse For Celtic Christianity

Religious Publishers
Zondervan Publishing: Home of the NIV Study Bible.
The Lockman Foundation: Home of the NASB, Amplified Bible, etc.
Ignatious Press: Catholic press.
Koinoia House Publishers
Presbyterian Publishing Company
Cokesbury: The United Methodist Publishing House
CSS Church Publishing Company Inc.
InterVarsity Press

Faith & Spirituality -- Religion -- Scholarly Resources -- Judaism
Women of the Church -- Stewardship -- All Things Liturgical
Other Religions -- Persecution & The Church -- Stats & Sociology -- Fundraising

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