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Apocalyptic Material

Fate of the Notion of Canon in the Electronic Age

Bible: Apocryphal & Pseudepigraphical
Single-Volume Texts Online: Apocryphal Apocalyptic Writings
Dead Sea Scrolls
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web

The Virtual Bible Museum
The Gutenburg Bible
New Revised Standard Version of the Bible
The Unbound Bible: A collection of searchable Bibles, in Greek and Hebrew, 4 ancient versions, and in English and 42 other languages. Recommended
Navigating the Bible II: Journey into the world of the Jewish Bible.

Bible Languages
Vine's Expository Dictionary of the New Testament: Check out the meanings of different words. Helpful.
Learn Assyrian (Aramaic & Neo-Aramaic) Online
Little Greek
Teaching Hebrew Online
Latin Online
The Latin Library
Latin Language & Literature

Bible Study & Resources
All-in-One Biblical Resources Search: Recommended
Resource Pages For Biblical Studies
Bible Net: On-line Guide For Bible Information
Bible Jeopardy!
The Executable Outline Series
David Arnold's Bible Study Home Page
Diotima Biblical Studies: For and about women.
Bible Study
Study (SS) in Proverbs
Study Aids and Other Things: Document.
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
Names of God
Jerusalem in Old Maps & Views: From Israel.
Bible Quizzing
Bible Reflections
The Names of God
Jephtha the Gileadite
Memlok: Bible Memory System: Word pictures.
Revelation Resources: Resources For Study
Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary
Bible Quiz Questions
Society of Biblical Literature
Biblical Studies Page: Randy McRoberts.
Bible 101.01
Bible Basics
Bible Stories For Adults: Lutheran resource.
Easton's Bible Dictionary
Synoptic Problem
The Bible Tutor: Luther Seminary.
MultiMedia Bible Commentary
Bible Study Resources At Peggie's Place
IVP Online Daily Quiet Time Bible Studies
Resources For Studying the Bible

The Bible: Translations
The Bible: Goshen Net.
New Revised Standard Version of the Bible
The Bible: Revised Standard Edition
The Catholic Mobile: Sacred Scripture Page
The Holy Bible: Douay-Rheims Version
Blue Letter Bible
A Little Bible Handbook: For those unfamiliar with the Good Book.
The WWW Bible Gateway: Several versions to search.
The Lockman Foundation and the NASB
African Study Bible

Creeds From The Bible
All Ecumenical Councils: All the Creeds

Early Church Documents & Writings
Library of Ethiopian Texts
Guide to Early Church Documents
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web
Ecole Initiative Early Church Documents
Ecole Initiative Index Page
Fathers of the Church: Writings, apocalypse, heresy.
Historic Documents of the Church: St. Pachomius.
Jared's Church Writings Archive
Labyrinth Library Latin Texts
Religious and Sacred Texts
Encyclopedia of Early Church History
Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Early Church Fathers
Orthodox Patristic Texts
Church Fathers

Gnostic Documents & Writings
Bibliography of Books on Gnosticism, the Gnosis and kindred traditions.
Gnostic Texts
The Gnosis Archive

Christian Heresy: A Bibliography
Academic Study of Heresy
Gnostic Society Virtual Libary

Church History Institute
Alexandria, Egypt
A Complete List of Popes Through the Ages
Mesopotamia: Extraordinary resource. RECOMMENDED.
Creation Myths
A History of the Methodist Episcopal Church
Franciscan Archive
Methodist Archives and Research Center at JRULM
The Western Canon
University of Notre Dame Archives Guide
Arimathea: Eastern & Ancient Christianity
Ecclesiology & Church History
Egyptology and Hittitology Sites
Historical Sources on Jesus

Magazines: Theology
Online Theology-Related Periodicals
Toronto Journal of Theology
Natural Theographic

References & Resources
Virtual Religion Index: Rutgers University Religion Department. RECOMMENDED.
Religion Resources on the Web: University of San Diego.
Weberian Sociology of Religion
Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links
Sociology of Religion
The Spiritual Pilgrim: Highly recommended.
The Early Church Fathers
Judaism & Christianity Links For Study
The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
Homo Ludens
Voice of the Shuttle: Religious Studies Page
Ethics Resources
The Sacred Landscape
Explanation of the Mass
Dr. Hans Rollman's Religion Links: Memorial University, Newfoundland.
Distorted Images of God
Christian Connections Resources
Dante's Hell
Przemyslaw Jablonski's Psychology of Religion
Jesus: A Semantic Net
Jesus At 2000 E-Mail Debate
Hall of Church History: RECOMMENDED "A friend who noticed my reading habits asked, 'Why would anyone want to study theology by reading A Bunch of Dead Guys? Shouldn't you focus mostly on current works, or risk becoming an irrelevant theological fossil?' My answer: the truth about God is timeless. The last infallible book of theology was written nearly two thousand years ago. In theology, if it's new, it probably isn't true."

Religion & Law
Canadian Insitute: Studies In Jurisprudence
Canadian Institute For Law, Theology and Public Policy
Focal Points: Law & Religion: Emory University.
The Religious Freedom Homepage

Seminaries & Theological Colleges & Libraries
Andover-Harvard Theological Library
Pitts Theology Library
St.FX Department of Religious Studies
St. Pachomius Library (Orthodox)
Candler School of Theology
Auckland Consotium For Theological Education

Theological Encounter with Science and Technology
Pentecostal Charismatic Theological Inquiry
Internet Theology Resources: Scholarly Societies
Fides Quaerens Internetum: Christian Theology
Theology On The Web
Feminist Theology
Internet Theology Resources
Religion and Theology: Christianity and Judaism: Seattle Public Library.
Post Modern Culture
The Model Theology Web
Association For Education & Theology (Hispanic)
M. Martinson's Sites on Philosophy and Theology
Nielsen's Psychology of Religion Pages
A Quarter Century of United Methodist Theology
Theology 100 Online Glossary Project
Martin Buber Home Page
The Foundation For Contemporary Theology
Martin Luther 1483-1546
Internet Resources For Theologians
Resources For the Study of Religion
Sources For The Study of Religion

Theology From the Side
Star Wars The Religion

Digital Theology
Computing In Theology: Software
Computing In Theology: Lists
CTheory: Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture
Theology, Technology, Interfaith
Theology In A Digital World: David Lochhead.
David Lochhead: Professor, theologian of the United Church of Canada.
Institute For Theology, Technology and Culture

Faith & Spirituality -- Religion -- Scholarly Resources -- Judaism
Women of the Church -- Stewardship -- All Things Liturgical
Other Religions -- Persecution & The Church -- Stats & Sociology -- Fundraising

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