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Note that this page is arranged in Seasonal Order starting from Advent and progressing to Christ the King Sunday. Observances such as The Week of Prayer For Christian Unity, Martin Luther King Jr Sunday, Scouting Sunday, World Day of Prayer, Mothers Day, Thanksgiving, and Remembrance / Armistice Day are, furthermore, arranged in the Canadian order of things. Please note that some of the following original resources and links are linked elsewhere in Kir-Shalom's "Sermon & Sermon - Lectionary Resources" and some are ONLY found here. If you have some resources or links for the upcoming season please send E-Mail to me at (Richard J. Fairchild). Check our "Occcasional Sermons" page for liturgical and homiletical resources that are driven more by events than by the Christian or secular calendars.

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Remembrance/Armistice Day

  • The Oil of Anointing. Instructions and recipe on how to prepare the oil of anointing and a prayer of consecration. Initially used by us on a Maundy Thursday, the popularity of this recipe has caused us to revise the page and place it here. Oil is good all year round!

  • Advent Candle Lighting Litany A: A Kir-Shalom liturgy for candle lighting for each Sunday of Advent and the First Sunday after Christmas.
  • Advent Candle Lighting Litany B - The Righteous Branch: A Kir-Shalom Liturgy for candle lighting for each Sunday of Advent based on the First Lesson and the themes of hope, peace, joy and love. Especially appropriate for those congregations who have a Jesse Tree.
  • Advent Candle Lighting Litany B: A Kir-Shalom liturgy for candle lighting for each Sunday of Advent, Christmas Eve, and the 1st Sunday after Christmas.
  • Advent Candle Lighting Litany C: A Kir-Shalom liturgy for candle light for each Sunday of Advent.

  • O Antiphons: A Kir-Shalom special page with the traditional "O Antiphons" of Advent presented along with related links.
  • The Jesse Tree Tradition: A page that outlines the Jesse Tree tradition and guides you to sites that help you build one.
  • Golden's Living Nativity An outdoor celebration of the Nativity as used in the community of Golden, BC on December 23rd each year, complete with staging directions and script.
  • A Tribute To Silent Night - A Kir-Shalom special page featuring some of the history of the this most precious carol.
  • A Mustard Seed Christmas: A Kir-Shalom special - a true story for those struggling to celebrate during Advent and Christmas. Additional material from those who have used it included. Now published as the lead story in "Seeds of Faith" by Guideposts

  • Hanging of The Greens: A Celebration of The Advent Season, by Denzel Nonhof.
  • Twas The Beginning of Advent - by our friend Todd Jenkins - a thoughtful take off on a familiar poem. Good for Advent 1 or 2.

  • Blue Christmas - Longest Night Service Resources
    • A Blue Christmas: A "Longest Night" Service reproduced with permission of Wood Lake Books and First United, Kelowna, B.C. Good for a special service for those mourning or otherwise "blue".
    • Another Blue Christmas Service from First Presbyterian Church, Arlington HeightsPresbyterian (2002) and based on "Whole People of God" material. (Dec 03)
    • Remembering Those We Miss At Christmas: Another form of "Blue Christmas" service as presented by Kent Miller of Trinity Presbyterian, Denton, TX (Dec 00)
    • The Candle: From Bass Mitchell's site, a story by the Rev. Jane Fry of Chatswood South Uniting Church (AU) that would be highly appropriate as a story for a blue Christmas/longest nite service or during the Christmas Season. (Dec 03)
    • Worship For The Longest Night: A service on the Young Adult Ministry page of the UMC (Massachusetts Conference). (Dec 03)

  • A White Gift Service and Play: Using Advent 2C Texts, a White Gift Play and Liturgy created for use in the United Church of Canada.(Oct 00)
  • Nine Lessons and Carols: The widely broadcast carol and lesson service from Kings College, Cambridge. The material is archived from 1997. (Nov 00)
  • The Story of Many of Our Christmas Hymns - For use in a setting of Worship. By our friend Denzel Nonhof ( and adapted for the 1st Sunday After Christmas.

  • Christmas Eve Year A: A Turning Point in Time: From Kir-Shalom - a Candlelight Communion Service with traditional readings, anthems and carols for Christ's Birth.
  • Christmas Eve Year B: Let's Go To Bethlehem: From Kir-Shalom - a Candlelight Cantata Communion Service for Christmas Eve.
  • Christmas Eve Year C: Candlelight Communion: From Kir-Shalom - a traditional service of readings, anthems and carols for Christ's Birth.

  • Advent & Christmas Meta Sites
    • A HOLY CHRISTMASA Holy Christmas: Our multi-award winning Christmas Page. Celebrate Advent and Christmas with joy and reverence. This page is meant for the whole WWW community and contains original materials and links of use to individuals and families, pastors and priests, clubs and churches. It is online year round!
    • Christmas in Cyberspace: A Christian perspective. Index page that leads to many other sites.

  • Star Trek: A Narrative Sermon: A Special Narrative Sermon on The Journey of the Magi for Epiphany (Year ABC).

  • Week of Prayer For Christian Unity

  • Martin Luther King Sunday: Resources
    • Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project. Includes easy access to the "Letter From Birmingham Jail", "I Have A Dream", and "I've Been To the Mountain Top". Very helpful. A High quality university based project online for several years it features audio filies as well as documents. (Jan 04)
    • Martin Luther King Online: Includes a variety of resources in a variety of formats (text, multimedia, etc). Another way to garner helpful information regarding one of the major Christian figures of the twentieth century. (Jan 04)
    • Martin Luther King Day Quotes: Selected quotations are from Martin Luther King's writings. They give the reader some spiritual understanding of the man which this national holiday of the United States of America celebrates. (Jan 00)

  • Scout Sunday Resources From Scout Sites
    • Scout Sunday Observance: A site with serveral helpful links from Scouts USA. (Note that in other countries Scouting Sunday is often observed during the week of Lord and Lady Baden Powell's birthday, the 3rd or 4th Sunday of February, and not in early February.)
    • A Scout is Reverent: A page with links to prayers, hymns, and stories of use in the Scouting Movement and used by the Scouting movement, many by Walter Dudley Cavert. (Nov 02)
    • Stories For Scouts: A few "stories with a moral" suitable for scouts (and others) and tips on how to tell them, plus many links to the Scouting movement around the world. Very helpful. (Nov 03)
    • See our Remembrance/Armistice Day links for examples of "Church Parades" involving both Scouts and Veterans.

  • World Day of Prayer: An Annual Service for the first Friday of March, prepared by a different group in a different nation each year. This is the home site for the services. E-Mail contact provided. (Jan 05)



Because of the length of the Season of Pentecost the following is broken down into various sections, with significant "religious" days celebrated by the church and by secular society having their own entries.
  • Shavuot: A helpful article from Torah.Org that deals with the meaning of Pentecost or Shavuot from a Jewish perspective and which may enrich the preaching task just before or on Pentecost Sunday especially as you think about how the apostles might have been preparing for the day... (May 02)

  • Year A: Pentecost Sunday: "God's Birthday Gift"; From Kir-Shalom, a complete service.
  • Year B: Pentecost Sunday: "Rivers of Living Water"; From Kir-Shalom, a complete service.
  • Year C: Pentecost Sunday: "The Force Be With You": From Kir-Shalom, a complete service.
  • Year C: Pentecost Sunday: "A Celebration of God's Gift of the Spirit": From Kir-Shalom, a complete service.

  • Pentecost Comes Like The Wind: A meditation from Charlene at Kir-Shalom

  • Celebrating Pentecost: Ideas For Celebrating The Outpouring of The Spirit and Enlivening Pentecost Sunday Worship Time


  • A Father's Love: From Kir-Shalom, a "non lectionary" sermon and liturgy for Father's Day, Year A
  • Beginnings and The Life of Faith: From Kir-Shalom, a sermon on Ordinary 11 B with a Father's Day Children's Story - a start towards your own Father's Day message.
  • A Complicated Joy: An article by Phil Ware (Heartlight.Org) on the some of the pastoral and theological issues involved in celebrating Mother's and Father's Day. (Jul 02)







  • Reformation Sunday Resources: Suggested hymns and readings with a bulletin introduction, prayer and a Sermon as prepared by the Rev. Nina George Hacker.

    Halloween, which falls on the Eve of All Saints day is one of the most popular of all celebrations in North America and Europe. We are pleased to be able to present the following links about Halloween and a possible approaches to it.
  • Hallowing Halloween: A helpful Christianity Today article on claiming the fun of the day - it has been online since October 2000 and is still listed in 2004. (Oct 04)
  • Halloween: A Time To Shine The Light: A page from Alex Stevenson on this problematic secular/religious holiday (Oct 04)

  • All Saints Sermon Year A: From Kir-Shalom
  • All Saints Sermon & Liturgy Year C: From Kir-Shalom

  • The Sunday Before Remembrance or Armistice Day
    • Sermon and Liturgy for Ordinary 32 A: Remembrance / Armistice Sunday / Veterans Day service based on Year A Texts for Ordinary 32. For use in Church with Legion in Attendance (Nov 99)
    • Sermon and Liturgy for Ordinary 32 B: Remembrance / Armistice Sunday / Veterans Day service based on Year B Texts for Ordinary 32. For use in Church with Legion in Attendance (Nov 97)
    • Sermon and Liturgy for Ordinary 32 C: Remembrance / Armistice Sunday / Veterans Day service based on Year C Texts for Ordinary 32. For use in Church with Legion and Scouts in Attendance (Nov 01)
    • An Act of Remembrance - 98: An alternate style of "sermon time" for use in observing Remembrance or Memorial Sunday by Rev. Lillian Perigoe. Uses the Year A texts for Ordinary 32 as background only. (Oct 04)
    • An Act of Remembrance - 99: A powerful and disturbing enactment by the Rev. Lillian Perigoe suitable for the Sunday before Remembrance Day. (Oct 04)
    • Remembrance Sunday Service - 01: A full Service from 2001 (when Remembrance Day fell on the Sunday) with well crafted prayers and litanies appropriate to the day. Readings for the 'Act of Remembrance' come from The Stone Carvers, by Jane Urquhart. (Oct 04)

  • Church and Cenotaph Services - November 11th
    • A Remembrance Day Cenotaph Service: A standard order for Remembrance Day Cenotaph Services as conducted by The Royal Canadian Legion and involving Government Officials, Armed Forces, Police, Cadets, etc. There is a small selection of of brief addresses and prayers.
    • Sermon & Liturgy for Remembrance Day: For use of the Canadian Legion in a Church followed by gathering for wreath laying at a Cenotaph.

  • War Memorials: A Kir-Shalom "Grief & Loss Resource Centre" Site with links to many Canadian, American, UK and British Commonwealth Memorial Sites, information on Peace Keeping, and other items of information appropriate to Memorial or Remembrance Day.
  • The Story of Taps: The story of the song that is widely used in the USA at military funerals and observances.



For another useful "Seasonal Resources" type page you might want to try Bass Mitchell's Special Days and Services page. This is a section of his site that provides free resources for folk in ministry. For resources for weddings, funerals, blessings and dedications, you can also look there and on Occasional and Special Issue Sermons page.

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