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"A Mari usque ad Mare"
"He shall have dominion from sea to sea and from the river unto the ends of the earth" (Psalm 72:8 KJV).

We Will Remember Them
A Remembrance Day page.


written and prepared by
- Charlene Fairchild -

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The following are the basic elements needed to begin to access official and unofficial sources on the Web related to our country.


  • Parliament: The House of Commons and the Senate.
  • Government of Canada Alphabetical Directory
  • Federal Government Sites: Looking for a department? Check here.
  • Canadian Elected Officials on the Net
  • Members of the 35th Parliament: Alphabetical list of MPs, addresses, phone #'s and E-Mail addresses where available.
  • FAX The Feds
  • La Ministere de la Justice
  • Department of the Solicitor General
  • Statistics Canada: The ultimate source of information concerning our nation.
  • Canadian Heritage: Cultural and historical information.
  • Canadian Tourism Commission: Good source of information.
  • Parks Canada: The Federal authority for our National Park System (including historic sites).
  • Environment Canada: Leads to Environment Canada, local weather, and so forth.
  • Canada Post Corporation: The Post Office.
  • The Department of National Defence: Headquarters for Canada's Armed Services.
  • Environment Canada's Green Lane
  • Canadian Coast Guard
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • Geological Survey (Atlantic) Home Page
  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Search and Rescue in Canada: Good info on this important secretariat.
  • Royal Canadian Mint
  • Embassies and Consulates in Canada


  • Provincial & Territorial Governments: Links to the various provincial & territorial governments.
  • Newfoundland
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • Quebec
  • Ontario
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Yukon Territory
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut


  • Air Travel
  • Armed Forces
  • Arts
  • Canadiana
  • Canadian Cuisine
  • Canadian Homepages
  • Canadian Media
  • Canadian Music
  • Canada's Police
  • Canadian Studies
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Finance & Business
  • French Resources
  • History
  • Holidays & Special Days
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Native Culture
  • Political Parties
  • Science
  • Societies & Clubs
  • Sports
  • Useful Stuff
  • War & Remembrance


  • Connections
  • Grief & Loss Resource Centre
  • Law & Order
  • Police Fire & EMS Memorials
  • State of the World
  • War Memorials

  • Canada Rocks The World


    THIS WEEK IN CANADA: September 17

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    Last Page Update: September 17/98


    A Taste of Canada has joined the "O Canada Ring!"

    THE TOUR: Updated September 17th

    "A Taste of Canada" - like CANADA itself - is a work-in-progress. It is a loving tribute to a beautiful nation which we are privileged indeed to call Home. The site is called a "taste" because that is all it truly can be. We want to share with the world a glimpse of what this country is all about. We also hope to promote a Canada that is MORE THAN. More than we have even dared to dream of. More than M. Lucien Bouchard and his stale posturings would have the world believe. More than a referendum away from being "gutted and chopped up" like a carcass. More than the sum of its parts. More than its founders could envision back in 1867. (Besides, the Unity Minister, Stephane Dion, shouldn't have to do all the work by himself!)

    The Essential Links (to the left) will be maintained and expanded. As we add what we regard as essential links, we also hope to take you on a special tour of this great land - the True North, strong and free.


    We begin our tour by asking you to take a look at some of our national symbols. Our official national animal is the beaver while our unofficial animal is the moose. The Canadian flag with its maple leaf and its red and white, our national colours, is known and recognized around the world. Our anthem has both an English and a French version. The RCMP (whose 'commercial" identity is now being handled by an USA firm!) is our national police force and is strongly emblematic of Canada. Meet our Prime Minister the Right Honourable Jean Chretien. We are proud of our country and our heritage - and so are many other Canadians. The Maple Leaf is worn proudly by Canadians all over the world. The Federal Government has declared February 15th 1997 as National Flag Day as a celebration of our heritage. If you are a Canadian, you can send away for a free flag.

    Modern technology is a wonder. It allows you to take a trip without ever leaving home - or having to qualify for the rigors of extraterrestrial travel. For a tour of Canada from space see Images of Canada.


    Uniquely Canadian

    Toronto is not Canada. Halifax is not Canada. Vancouver is not Canada. Montreal is not Canada. The same can be said for all other locations within this broad and lusty land. But ALL of these places TOGETHER are Canada. Canada is more than a place, more than a name, more than an idea. It is a people, a dream, a season of the heart. It is maple syrup and hockey, igloos and oil wells, fiddleheads and lobster traps, the Mountie and John Candy, the Arctic Circle and Point Pelee, Edmonton Mall and Notre Dame Cathedral, Banting and Best and Alexander Graham Bell, Gaelic and Iroquois, Gaspe and Vancouver Island. It is tourtiere and L'Acadie, Carnival and St. Jean Baptiste, the Calgary Stampede and the Highland Games, perogies and borscht, wontons and Sechuan, Canadian Club and Moosehead Beer, church and mosque and temple, Mount Allison U and U of Alberta, the Klondike Gold Rush and Churchill Falls. Canada - "our village" - our home and native land.

    Oddities abound here from caost to coast. In Ontario, creek is pronounced "crick." Brown bread is wholewheat in Ontario but a whole other thing in the Maritimes where it is an oatmeal and molasses bread served with the ubiquitous Saturday night treat of Baked Beans AND Molasses. In Ontario they like baked beans in tomato sauce. Salt pork is a staple in Maritime kitchens (at least it can be found at the grocery store) but not so in Ontario. "You betcha!" is a common phrase in British Columbia but little heard elsewhere. Outside Toronto people pronounce it as "Trono." If you weren't born and bred in the Maritimes, you're "from away." People in the Maritimes and in BC feel sometimes that they live in an abbreviated Canada. Newscasters will speak of Eastern Canada, only for us to discover that they mean Quebec and the Atlantic Provinces have disappeared somewhere. While in BC they always "know" how the rest of the country has voted before they even finish. They always feel like the outcome has been decided without them. Quebec has its own take on "belonging" which isn't surprising considering that the rest of us often feel "left-out" too. Not so surprising in such a large country! Maybe if we all talked with each other we'd discover that WE ARE NOT ALONE!

    You might want to take the test: Am I A Canadian?.

    Canadian Hospitality

    One of the nicest ways to travel in our country is to stay at some of our Bed and Breakfast establishments. From charming older homes to working farms, they all include good food, comfort and great hosts.

    Canadian Firsts

    • XXXX

    Noted and Talented Canadians

    • Lois Siegel: Freelance photographer, filmmaker, professor. Has made films for the National Film Board.

    O Canada Ring!
    This OCR! site is owned by Charlene.

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