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The following sites either present a wonderful range of Christian Hymns - some with words and accompanying midi files; or are sites designed to help you pick hymns appropriate to the particular lectionary passages of the week.
  • Catholic Book of Worship III: is Canada's official Catholic hymnal, containing about 400 hymns, plus additional service music. Many of the hymn tunes, arranged in the number order of the CBW-III, are available here in MIDI so that parish musicians and choir members can listen to the tunes and consider the possibilities available. (Dec 99)

  • The Cyber Hymnal: Contains midi files and words for many popular (public domain) hymns. This is where we go when we are looking for the words for hymns not found in our own denominiational hymn book. We highly recommend this site. (Feb 01)

  • Hymnsite.Com's RCL Suggested Hymns: Offers suggestions for hymns for the various texts of the RCL for the current and upcoming Sunday from an United Methodist perspective. Framed site. Carries words and midi files for many of the hymns!

  • Lectionary Citations and Hymn Suggestions: From the ELCIC. Wait for this to load -- it is part of a larger page - then click on the year of the lectionary you want. A text file (or a pdf file) is downloaded into a new window of your browser. Then simply save the page to your disk. While Lutheran focus, the hymn lists work across the denominations. (Jan 02)

  • Metrical Psalms: The Psalms are posted according to the RCL selection by Dale A. Schoening, a United Methodist pastor residing in Stratford, Iowa. An archive is also being developed. (Sep 00)

  • ani-new.gifNew Hymn Dot Com A worship resource offering preachers, worship leaders, and choirs a weekly new, relevant hymn based on the Revised Common Lectionary, set to traditional tunes, and posted ten days in advance. The hymns are searchable by lectionary, scripture, and theme. (Feb 06)

  • Oremus Hymnal: From the folks at Oremus - contains public domain texts from several Anglican hymnals of the twentieth centuy. Midi files are being added. There are many ways of searching the database, including seasonal searches. (Dec 00)

  • Service Music: Music For Christian Worship: Arrangements for congregations and choirs of various hymns, carols, psalms, canticles, anthems and descants. The aim of the site creator, David Lee of Durham, UK is to provide church music of quality and integrity with copyright and cost issues mostly taken care of. Small churches with few resources will find this page especially helpful. (Sep 05)

  • Songs of Praise: These are not traditional hymns. They are all new and original. While "commercially" orientated, this page has many good links and citations as well as a prison ministry. Check out New Christmas Music and Songs of Praise For Children. You can hear the hymns that you are looking at as well - and also use them for free "non-commercially". (Mar 99)

  • The Billabong: The product of the Rev. Jeff Shrowder's translation efforts, the Psalm contributions are mostly set for responsive use in the worship, and often employ images and idioms of rural Australia. Additional lectionary-related prayers and/or reflections are also offered. Hymn suggestions for each Sunday of the RCL are anothe feature of the site, with the hymns drawn from the Australian Hymn Book/With one Voice, Sing Alleluia and Together in Song. Jeff is another quality resources from an Uniting Church in Australia background. Also listed in our RCL in Advance section. (Mar 02)

  • Together To Celebrate: David MacGregor offers contemporary music resources for use in congregations using the Revised Common Lectionary. For the upcoming Sundays he makes available a listing of song titles (including his own) with music, lyrics and often midi-files and mp3 files for downloading. (Apr 04)

  • Worship Map: Hymn Stories: Part of a larger site this page provides access to the stories behind a number of popular hymns. Coupled with the links in Hymn History, and other pages on the site, you may find some helpful information not only about specific hymns, but about hymnody in general and worship. (Jul 01)

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